Who is my office angel?

Another thing I LOVE — wind chimes! Their melody is so sweet and soothing. Their notes take me to places in my imagination that are relaxing and welcoming: an inviting spa, a crisp Spring morning, a cool Fall breeze, or my parent’s front porch. When I’m in a store and I come across a selection of wind chimes, I play them all. Every. Single. One. Seriously, just ask Eric!

Wind chimes yield evidence of something obscure, a thing I cannot see — the wind.

The chimes sway and clang at the nudge of the wind’s gentle swirls.

When touched, their refrain colors the air around it, high and low notes playing randomly, yet perfectly.

Ting, ting go the silvery bars as they bounce off one another.

Their lush tones full and bright.

Ringing, ringing, ringing.


When I think about it, much like the wind, I can only see and feel the evidence of the Holy Spirit’s works, but not the spirit itself: the calm, the discernment, the nudging and prodding, the gentle love that guides, the smiling heart, the tenderness of a loved one’s touch.

Introducing, my office angel . . . So, it’s a Monday and I’m tapping away at my keyboard working on receipts, emails, payments and such, and I look over to my right. Hung on my dry eraser just above a photo frame on my desk is a small wind chime. Some angel friend of mine has left me this sweet gift. Dangling from the clapper is a note that reads “Have an awesome day!” I guess I had talked about them back at Christmas time because I was giving my niece some inexpensive gift ideas to give to her dad, my brother, since they were asking. My two odd items were wind chimes and a kaleidoscope. I guess someone else knows my quirky “favorite things” and they generously enlivened my day with my new office wind chime.

Thank you anonymous office angel!

My office windchime. Given anonymously and sweetly!


Give me your thoughts!

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