Random Ramblings

Real quick before I drag myself to bed, I thought I’d recap since my last post.

I asked Eric today was it this last week or the week before that we had our anniversary. I mean, I know it’s the 9th and all and our anniversary was on the 4th, but geeze louise . . . it’s been a loooong week!

Wednesday was small group at the Jansen’s. Man — we are really learning a lot from this new group. Good thing we didn’t hesitate on this last GroupLink at church because I am so blessed to be getting to know the Jansens, Coibions, Ikerds, Weeds, McLeods and Thorntons. We’re sharing personal stories right now and these group of new friends are just beautiful! That’s all I got to say — just beautiful!

Thursday, Eric and I had rehearsal at NP for a conference that we were both contracted to work on Saturday. It seems that after all these years of being married to Mr. Extraordinaire-Audio-Drums-Lights-Video-Mac-SystemsInstallerGenius-Husband-Man that Eric’s expertise has somehow leaked into my own personal abilities to do things on computers regarding graphics and video. I worked in the control room for the event while Eric did audio. It was actually a very good event and the speaker was very engaging. Love that when it happens!

I kept thinking how excited I was for Eric that he was getting to audio engineer for a live band — his cup ‘o tea y’all! And — a really really big ‘AND’ — he was getting to mix for several of our personal favorite vocalist/writer/musicians — Jonathan and Candi Shelton! I’m telling ya . . . it’s just like someone tickling your ears with angelic voices when she opens her mouth to sing. What an amazing sharer of her gifts she is!

After leaving the event, I went and spent my catering money on a new cookware set that I’ve been eyeballing for nearly a year. Nothing too exciting for you readers, but for those closest to me, I guarantee you’ll see more creative sparks flying out of my kitchen in the next few months. Lucky for me, I’ve got several friends that have just had their babies or will soon have their babies, and I just LOVE to cook for new mommas and papas! Eric did a wonderful thing on Friday by getting in the kitchen and cooking — yes, he did it ALL himself — for a sick friend and his wife. My chicken noodle soup is just tradition if you’re sick, and well, I guess Eric has come to know when it’s time to get out the stockpot and start chopping. He’s a good feller!

Since our friends were sick and we had dinner plans with them, we were open for the taking. My co-worker, Drew, and his family invited us over for pizza. We had a blast playing with their kids, listening to the sweet sounds of siblings talking to one another, and watching their nightly routine that got them to bed and dreaming by 8PM. Drew and Michelle are rockstar parents! If Eric and I get the opportunity to parent someday, rather WHEN we get that opportunity, I want Drew and Michelle to be on speed dial! Or live-in assistance would be much more helpful. A girl can hope, right?

5AM, er — I mean body-time 4AM, came so soon this morning! It took some convincing to get those feet to touch the ground this morning. Xtreme/Church went great today though. Despite some behind the scenes deficiencies and such, we still had a great time and I just LOVE our students. They send my cup to overflowing each week I get to see them!

Oh, and the dog is sick. Must have ate something outside when we weren’t looking. We think he’s hallucinating or on the verge of being sick. But, it’s been like that for the past 4.5 hours. He just has that “I think I’m going to toss my cookies” look. Should be an interesting night.

Alright, now I’m just tired and doing some serious rambling. Better close.


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