Take a picture, it’ll last longer!

Well, okay, if there is any truth to that jeer, then we’ll give it a try! Today, Eric and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary! (Last week we . . . ahem . . . happened to remember that we were at the 12-year mark since first meeting and quickly falling in love.) Oh, the romance that can ensue over a milkshake ordered in a drive-thru!

I’m going to be transparent here friends; two weeks ago, I would have had serious doubts that I would feel as happy and joyfully wedded as I do right now. I literally had one of those freak-out moments of “is this it?”, “what’s happening now is not what I signed up for”, “do I call my mom to ask if there is a return policy?”, and “I’m sure he wants out — if I were him and lived with me, I’d want out, too!” Yep, in the years since marrying, it was the. lowest. I. had. felt. I had some deep conversations with my mom (which to my pleasure, she cleverly led me to more realistic and Godly thinking) and a much needed shopping trip with my dear friend, Kim, to IKEA.

After about four or five seemingly endless, silent, and weird days, we both sat down to lunch at Zaxby’s and let ‘er rip. We sat there and communicated our hurts, our goals, our lack of goals, our best years, our crazy duo-antics, our busyness and lack of unplugging, some disappointments, and so on. We quickly began seeing light piercing through the darkness that had become our last week. I know Eric’s love language is ‘words of affirmation’, so I did my best to encourage his spirit. Imagine this if you will — it worked! And because he knew my language is ‘quality time’, he sat there allowing me to talk and convey emotions all while not looking at his phone that was blowing up with text messages and phone calls. (Sorry KidStuf staff for his being late to your meeting!)

So, this is why the messages I’ve heard at MarriedLife Live, marriage enrichment confs., books, couples devotions, and all that say to work together, don’t let work run your life, discover and celebrate each other’s unique differences. Hmmm . . .

To take things a step further, last week, I got to see a glimpse of Eric on paper — his Right Path Profile. At first, I wasn’t looking forward to a meeting at work that was all about personality profiles, but my two hours in this meeting was an answer to an unspoken prayer. Once I began to become more aware of myself and the unique way that God had created me — why things make me tick the way they do — I was almost restless thinking how I couldn’t wait to see Eric’s profile. How does he respond to bad news and good news? How does he prefer to socialize? Why does it frustrate him when he doesn’t feel like he’s part of a team? I poured over his profile a few days later just seeing a tangible computation of the beauty of God’s creation in my husband. Why hadn’t I known these things 7 years ago?! This stuff makes sense!

So, fast-forward a bit to today. We celebrated tonight over a great dinner at a new restaurant, a mixture of light-hearted and in-depth conversations, good wine, and a decadent dessert. Now that we’re moving towards nine years, we’re harnessing a cheesy saying of positivity: “Nine is Sublime!”

So, if I could “take a picture ’cause it would last longer”, here it is . . .

Here we are at 8 yrs married.  Just getting started really.


7 thoughts on “Take a picture, it’ll last longer!

  1. ooh, ooh, OHHH…the first one to comment! I would ask about my prize but I’ve already received it…a link to this blog!

    I was so excited to see that you’ve started a blog. Now I can read about your life and be even more distraught that we’re moving next WEEK and I won’t get to know you better while you’re right down the road. A cryin’ shame, it is.

    Well, I loved this post and will continue to look forward to many an insightful and interesting updates from the House of Kent.

    If humanly possible, let’s try to get together before we leave Dodge. Okay?

    Katiebod @ 3 (3 a.m., that is!)

  2. Hey Julie and Eric, I love that you have made a blog I actually believe that if you read them that it can create a deeper community with your friends cause we tend to be more open with our lives “on paper” I just want you to know that Erin and I are here for you both anytime and I feel bad that we have not actually made a huge effort to hang out more because we truely want to, so we are going to make it a priority, and a fun one at that. And I know you’re thinking WOW a guy reads blogs….well I didn’t at first but my wife writes on one we have and its up there on our website info, and i read it just about daily and love it. Anyway we are going to pray for you and Eric for the best year of marrige you’ve ever had so watchout GOD is COMING to do the AMAZING that only HE can do….one thing that I want to say for an encouragement is that I have not been being the spiritual leader in my home as far as actually praying with my wife everyday…Well for two weeks now I have been praying with her everynight even when I am at work I call her…I have to say GOD came and is doing the AMAZING things only HE can do…I am more self aware and in tune with my wife than I have ever been, and when I pray with her we both make it a point to thank God for each other and how He is the one that brought our marriage together…it was God who played the first game of Match Maker and HE is still reigning CHAMPION.

    Love Rob Shawver

  3. Hey, Jules. That was beautifully written. As a person who is going through the worst time of their life, I can honestly say that you are Eric are doing the right thing. Even when the days, just know it gets better. I’ve learned that too late, I’m afraid. I love you guys!

  4. The Mom says:

    Sometimes a girl needs her Mom, even when she’s all grown up and don’t think so – Love You “You are still my little girl and only a Hug Away remember that OK”


  5. Amanda says:

    Julie, that was beautiful.. I love your language, heart, and soul. Thank you for sharing.

    Your Berea friend,

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